The 2017 Registration for the Spring Season will open on January 1.

Please take the time to review the below information as we have made some significant changes to our registration process.  Once you are ready simply click on registration on the left menu to complete your registration. 

Over the past few years the league has looked toward making improvements to enhance the product and experience for kids as well as the parents. This upcoming season will continue that trend. The main enhancement we have changed is our registration process and features. We will be using SI Play for registration. We are hopeful that this change will streamline some of the process and alleviate some of the frustrations that many of you experienced with the past system. The one caveat with the change is that we will be asking that each parent/family to create a new account and start this new system with fresh clean updated information, including birth certificate. The main reason for this clean updated information is to help keep our records current for legal and insurance purposes. We apologize for any problems this may cause, however, we feel that this is in the best interest for the league.

The New Registration Process:
The best to start this process is to first have a copy of the child’s birth certificate in a .jpg or .pdf form on the computer so that it can be uploaded. Next, Go to and download the Medical Release form or simply open the document on your computer to know the information we will need to complete the registration.
You will click on Select create account at the bottom of the page.



Once the account holder’s information is inputted, they can either apply to volunteer (the volunteer application needs to be filled out and either mailed in or emailed to us). Add a Child. 
The information that is inputted is the information from the Medical Release form. This information is required to complete the registration process. We are required to have the information for the coaches and the league per the requirements for Little League International. The parent code of conduct and the concussion form from past season is simply now text that you are agreeing too and the forms do not need to be sent in.
Once the consent is given, complete the checkout and you are all set for the season.

A couple other notes about why we decided to change registration systems. SI Play offers a few more features that alleviate some of the manual work that goes on behind the scenes. Si Play also has a mobile app that connects to the coach’s team page that will have practice and game schedules and other information regarding the team. More information about this mobile app will come out later.

Are you Ready to Register?