Major Boys 11-12

11-12-Year-Old Rules (Majors Boys Baseball)
Pitching Distance is 46 feet. Base paths are 60 feet.
Mercy rules are in effect for all games. The rule is 15 runs after 3 innings or 10 after 4 or more.
All games during the week will start at 6:00. No inning will be allowed to start after 7:45. The umpire will
make the final decision on if another inning will be started based on the time. All games on the
weekends will also not start after 1 hours and 45 minutes. All games will be 6 innings unless the time
limit is enforced.
Stealing is allowed for all bases at all times.
Pitching rules will be followed based on the Little League International rules. Coaches are required to
keep track of all pitches thrown. If at any time another coach or a board member from the league asks
to see the pitch count for a child, the coach is required to provide this information. Pitch count sheets
will be provided by the league. If at any time a coach is not abiding by the pitch count and a player is
pitching more than they are allowed, that game will be forfeited. For current pitches allowed per player,
please visit
It is very important to follow the
pitch count rules for the safety of the kids. If a player is playing on a non-little league team, we ask that
you talk to the parent about the pitch count and how many pitches they are comfortable with their child
pitching. If it is not a little league game the kid is pitching in, then a coach does not have to take those
pitches into account when figuring out the total pitches thrown in a day. But again, we ask that you try
and protect the pitchers as much as possible and keep their arm healthy.
Catching Position
Any player who has played the position of catcher in four (4) or more innings in a
game is not eligible to pitch on that calendar day. Also, a player who played the position of catcher for
three (3) innings or less, moves to the pitcher position, and delivers 21 pitches or more in the same day,
may not return to the catcher position on that calendar day.
All bats must have the USA sticker on them or be listed on the approved bat list. For a list of the bats
that are approved, please visit
All 11-12 Majors boy’s baseball teams will follow the rules set by Little League International. All rules can
be found on their website:


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