9 – 10 Minor Girls

MINOR Softball Rules – 9-10 year old


A pitcher can only pitch 3 innings per game.
Delivering a single pitch in an inning constitutes an inning.
Pitchers can only walk 3 batters per inning.
After the Maximum of 2 walks per inning is met, At 4 balls in the count the Coach comes in to finish the count for that batter they either hits or strikes out.
Hit by a pitch constitutes a walk for the pitcher.

Pitching Distance – 35 feet


Runner can leave the base after the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.
Runner can only steal 1 base per batter at the plate.
Stealing a second base on a walk constitutes a stolen base for the runner on the next batter up in the order.


5 runs per inning
Last inning is unlimited runs (umpire to specify last inning)
Last inning a team that is trailing by more than 5 runs will bat first.
4 outfielders may play in the field.


No new inning to start after 1.5 hour game start time noted by umpire.


Registration deadline & cost #2: February 28th $110.00
Registration deadline & cost #3: March 14th $145.00