catcherWelcome to
Lowell Little League

Lowell Little League is operated entirely by volunteers
who freely give of their own time and services so our kids can play baseball and softball.

Registration for Spring 2022 is now open.  

Register now for baseball and softball!  Discounted pricing on registration will run until the end of January.

We have a developmental league for ages as young as 4-6.

All practices will begin in Mid-April, exact days will be determined by the age groups.

Watch for updates on our pre-season clinics, which are free to all registered children.

Do you have a passion for the game?  We’d love for you to volunteer.  You can sign up at the same time you are registering your child.

Want an opportunity to play for FREE?  Register for the T-Mobile Call Up Grant Program and be reimbursed for registration fees.  Learn more by clicking HERE. 

Contact us if you are interested in being an umpire for this upcoming season.  Enjoy some great softball or baseball and get paid for it.  We will have training in early spring.